About the society

Dear Members

Firstly, let me thank you all for giving me the honour of being President of Leeds Budgerigar Society for 2023. This is a special year for my husband Ronnie and myself as its our Golden wedding anniversary year and also 50 years since we started with budgerigars joining the BS, YBS and Leeds BS in 1975. Budgies has been a large part of my life and we’ve enjoyed many happy times with the birds and the friends we have got to know through the many years.

Leeds was the first Society we joined and I have enjoyed supporting the club mainly at the shows in the kitchen while Ronnie generally showed his birds and run the Open Shows. I can remember in the early eighties getting the birds into cages then catching two busses to members shows at the Irish Centre, York Road to meet Ronnie who arrived directly from his work place to show, great times.

I feel at Leeds, we have one of the strongest Memberships in Yorkshire with a wealth of knowledge. This year our Open Show is Leeds’ 75th Open Show and we have our Gold Anniversary Patronage from the Budgerigar Society. Let’s all take part and make this our best show ever ~ Sunday 2nd July.

I wish you  all success with your birds and hope you produce those winners on the show bench.

Enjoy the Hobby

Susan Simpson

Leeds Budgerigar Society President

Getting involved is easy

The object of the Society is to promote the breeding, Development and advancement of the Budgerigar. With this in mind, if you have any idea's to promote the Society or the Budgerigar then join us. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at Troydal Recreational Club, Troydale, Pudsey, LS28 9LA. Get in touch for more information.